Единственное украшенье — Ветка цветов мукугэ в волосах. Голый крестьянский мальчик. Мацуо Басё. XVI век
Живопись Скульптура

notes by Mario Rossi, me, who is solely responsible for the content of this document

Website overview

BL-LIT is an outstanding, Russian art website devoted to the soul and beauty of young boys. BL stand for boylove conceived as spiritual and aesthetic emotion. LIT refers to literature, but the site covers in detail also the topics painting, sculpture and photography. The depiction of underage nudity makes the website controversial for some, even though the whole content is purely art.

BL-LIT show nudity in art and nudity without more, among the many works. It is a legal website in most countries, so you may click any link you find here. Anyway, in general, by using any tor onion link but BL-LIT, please trust no gateways to exchange sensible data. Instead install and use Tor.

Year after year, bl-lit fights to keep the content of his site open to everyone in the visible web, but thanks to the people who pressure the internet service providers to shut down the website and the internet service providers who are not capable of withstanding the attacks, he is still forced to publish the content of art in the hidden web. His old tor onion website, now replaced by a new one, was suppressed in August 2013 for reasons independent of his will and in no way related to his actions.

Website access links

Due to the issues above, bl-lit, the administrator of the BL-LIT website, was, and is still compelled to maintain two websites, one located on the visible web and the other located on the hidden web.

The BL-LIT website which is located on the visible web, has no content of visual art or literature, but provides the tor onion address of the BL-LIT website located on the hidden web. This is its sole end and purpose. It has a steady and stable web address which does not change over time, and it is always accessible in a normal way through the visible network without requiring the use of Tor.

http://bl-lit1.info/index_eng.htm (English language; no content but the tor onion address of BL-LIT)
http://bl-lit1.info (Russian language; no content but the tor onion address of BL-LIT)

The BL-LIT website which is located on the hidden web, includes all the content of visual art and literature. It is only accessible through the hidden network, and this can occur in two distinct ways. Either directly by connecting to the website by means of the hidden network (Tor being installed and running on a USB flash drive plugged into a USB port of the PC) or indirectly by connecting through the visible network to a gateway, which connects trough the hidden network to the website.

http://exwljei3bfvchv6p.tor2web.org (access via gateway tor2web; no Tor installation is required)
http://exwljei3bfvchv6p.onion.to (access via gateway onion.to; no Tor installation is required)
http://exwljei3bfvchv6p.onion (direct access via Tor; Tor installation is required)

A journal (click: en, ru) and a guestbook (click: en, ru) are available with the site for discussion of the website's content or issues in general. Both the journal and guestbook are located on the visible net, so you don't need to use Tor. Alongside the news and trending topics, here you can read there about art censorship, political issues and listen to constructive criticism comments to the institutions.

Please be patient when using Tor. Tor is usually slow. Page load times of five to thirty seconds are normal as the traffic is sent through many different countries, sometimes across oceans around the world. Some days Tor works better than other. It depends on the conditions of the whole net. On rare occasions it doesn't work at all. If this should occur, better let it go and try again some hours later.


Some artworks on the fly (from the section photography)

Just click one of the two redundant links in the brackets to watch the works. If one gateway is down, try the other. If both return error, check here if the BL-LIT tor onion website address is still current.

Jean-Michel Klopp - author of les enfants de porto (tor2web, onion.to)
Ron Oliver - author of between memories and dreams (tor2web, onion.to)
Jacques Duval - photographer of boyphoto 1 badespäße (tor2web, onion.to)
Lothar Sauer - author of jungenjahre (tor2web, onion.to)
George Hughes - author of boyhood australia (tor2web, onion.to)
Oliver Hill - author of garden of adonis (tor2web, onion.to)
Ken Heyman - photographer of lord of the flies (tor2web, onion.to)
Frederick Secord - author of twelve (tor2web, onion.to)
Peter Stackpole (tor2web, onion.to)
Christian S. Mendes (tor2web, onion.to)
Bernard Faucon (tor2web, onion.to)
Bettina Mautner (tor2web, onion.to)
Nicholas Nixon (tor2web, onion.to)
Sara Saudkova (tor2web, onion.to)
Oleg Videnin (tor2web, onion.to)
Peter Wellmann (tor2web, onion.to)
Edward Weston (tor2web, onion.to)
Lewis Wickes Hine (tor2web, onion.to)


(notes published in Jan 2012, revised and updated in Jan 2014)

Years ago I would have never imagined that we would have been compelled in the third millennium to switch to the hidden web via Tor in order to be able to admire works of art or to watch the images of an educational book.

The book to which I refer is "Zeig Mal!". It is a sex education book by photographer Will McBride, written with psychiatrist Helga Fleischhauer-Hardt for children and their parents. It appeared in 1974 in German and was followed in 1990 by a second edition.

The book won several awards but due to rising pressure from a newly arising "moral majority" the publishers and McBride decided to take it off the market in 1996.

The book was translated into English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, and Czech under the titles "Show Me!", "Laat's zien!", "Fais voir!", "Fammi vedere!", "¡A ver!", "Få se" and "Ukaž mi to!". From the date of the first publication, over one million copies in eight languages had been sold all over the world. Further readings and a video interview to Will McBride on wikipeda and amadelio.

The photographs in the book, complete with subtitles, are visible at:


accessible only by using Tor [The page can now also be accessed via gateway tor2web or onion.to].

Instead, the work is not visible at:


because the constant pressure exerted by groups of influential people had forced the administrator of the BL-LIT website to remove the images from the server operating on the visible net. The administrator of the site published then those images in a server operating on the hidden net.

For some, the book is pornography, and being children there, is child pornography. This is an opinion as well, and as such, must be respected and compared with one's own opinion.

I stopped using Tor in 2009 because I was convinced that every legal content, whether or not it might be controversial, could be published in the visible web, and that no moral prejudice could prevent it. But evidently it is not so, and the proof is that an increasing amount of people nowadays are currently publishing their own websites in the hidden web, and do that, in order to defend themselves from the attacks of self-proclaimed correct thinker and non-entitled arrogant people.

Compared to five years ago, Tor is significantly better today and is much easier to install and use, exactly as it happened many years ago in the case of the then user-unfriendly Linux. During the last five years the tor nodes have more than tripled making the hidden net much faster than before.

So, if this and other aspects of freedom are of interest to you, roll up your sleeves and learn to use Tor (it's quite easy), and possibly contribute with your own data flow-rate to the growth of the tor net.


(notes published in Jan 2012, revised and updated in Jan 2014)

All the packages whose names, versions and checksums are listed below, will be frequently updated by the developers of the software over time, so most probably you will not find a correspondence between the packages listed here below and the current packages you'll find in internet at the date you will read this document. Don't worry about that, of course use the current, most updated packages, and read my notes if you like just as a complementary guideline on how to install Tor.


1) Create an empty folder on a USB flash drive

For example E:\tor, if the name of the USB flash drive is E.

2) Download Tor Browser Bundle for Windows on the empty folder E:\tor just created

Chose the language and download both the .exe and the .asc (sig) files from the following link:


Once the files are downloaded, the folder E:\tor will contain the following:


3) Download and install Gpg4win-Vanilla 2.2.1 on your hard drive

It's a minimal installation: just download the .exe file on a temporary folder of your hard drive then run it and follow the instructions of the installer. The program will be installed on the hard drive.

SHA1 checksum: 6d229b03ec2dcbb54a40f7590d108dc0cbcb5aac

4) Verify signature of the Tor Browser Bundle package

You have now to import the key, verify that the fingerprint is correct and verify the signature of Tor Browser Bundle package. To do this, please open the Command Prompt window by clicking the Start button , clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, and then clicking Command Prompt. One after the other, copy and paste the command lines below, on the Command Prompt window, and press enter.

gpg.exe --keyserver x-hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys 0x416F061063FEE659
gpg.exe --fingerprint 0x416F061063FEE659
gpg.exe --verify E:\tor\torbrowser-install-3.5_en-US.exe.asc E:\tor\torbrowser-install-3.5_en-US.exe

Please evaluate the results of the operations by comparing the output messages that appear on the screen of your PC, with what is written in the following web page:


5) Install Tor Browser Bundle on the USB flash drive

Double click the file E:\tor\torbrowser-install-3.5_en-US.exe in the folder E:\tor of the USB flash drive. The window of the installation program will open. Chose the language, press OK, chose the folder in which to install Tor Browser Bundle (for example E:\tor\tor browser), and press OK. Nearly at the end of the installation process, the installer asks if you want to Run Tor Browser Bundle by means of a flag. Unset this flag and press Finish.

6) Before starting browsing the internet, set up the browser configuration

The two settings which follow (Disable Scripts Globally and Disable Referer Header) are of outmost importance to preserve privacy and anonymity, then please proceed in this way. Go to the folder  E:\tor\tor browser and double click the file E:\tor\tor browser\ Start Tor Browser.exe to start Tor. At the first start up, and only at the first one, a windows with two buttons appears. Press the button Connect (“I would like to connect directly to the Tor network”). The message “Connecting to the Tor net” appears. Once connected to the Tor network, after a while automatically the Tor Browser Bundle's browser window opens up and a message similar to this one appears: “Congratulations! This browser is configured to use Tor”. Now please perform immediately the following two operations.

Disable Scripts Globally: 1) Press the button “S” at the top left side of the browser window. 2) Select “Forbid Scripts Globally (advised)” in the pop-up menu which appears.

Disable Referer Header: 1) Write about:config on the address bar of the browser, and press enter. 2) The message “This might void your warranty” appears, press the button “I'll be careful, I promise!”. 3) Search referer. 4) Double click the line network.http.sendRefererHeader, the window “Enter Integer Value” opens up. 5) Put 0 instead of 2 on the input dialogue box, and press OK. 6) Write about:tor on the address bar of the browser, and press enter.

7) Check if you are correctly connected to the tor network


8) Read more about Tor before starting browsing


Please note that at the date of this document, Vidalia is not part of Tor Browser Bundle.


©Mario Rossi





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